A programmer's paradise created by the twist of deliberated fantasies, and actions of a determined imagination.
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Our world is now compressed, made tiny, and is traveling inside its axis called the "network". Her images are displayed in the screen of a PC monitor, and inside, people can meet there ... Through my programs and applications.

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Batch-After-Batch Multi Uploader (FLASH)
The normal way of browsing files and uploading them. You can select multiple files from a single directory browsing. If you have browsed a f ...
 2009 VB 6.0 ListView Control
Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6.0 (SP6)

First is to include this component in your VB 6 project to enable the ListView control, the source code of this project is well documented.
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 2006 Smooth Scrolling MAP and PC
Demonstrates a scrolling MAP with a PC that moves around the screen. Collision detection is also applied.
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 2006 Smooth Scrolling MAP
Demonstrates a smooth scrolling map which is dynamically loaded from a text file at run time.

Items and objects are initialized in the text file and then drawn on screen when the program runs.
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 2006 Sungka
"Sungka" is a Filipino term for what is largely known as "Mancala", or "sowing" games, or "count-and-capture" games.

Includes stand-alone and networked-game features.

No Server, you will connect directly to the other person's computer using winsock.
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 2005 The Professor's Message
Just another space-shooting game.

Demonstrates flying, shooting, and exploding items.

Items with different capabilities also with respect to the story / intent of the game.

Check this out and enjoy !
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