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Apache Server conflict with IIS

Just make the access ports different:

( Apache ) PHP - http://localhost/mypage.php
( IIS ) ASP Classic - http://localhost:81/mypage.asp

This is a workaround when you have
Apache ( ex: XAMPP, etc ... ) service installed
before then installed IIS later.

To change the port of your IIS:
1. Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools ->
Internet Information Services

2. A dialog box that is divided into two columns will appear.
    The left column contains 2 items (like what is shown below):

    Internet Information Services
    + Local Computer

3. Expand Local Computer and you will get other items below it:
    + Web Sites
    + Default SMTP Virtual Server

4. Expand Web Sites
    + Default Web Site

5. Right-click Default Web Site and choose Properties.
    A tabbed dialog box will appear then choose the Web Site tab.

6. Look for the TCP Port input field and provide a desired port number.

7. Click the Apply button and that's it !!! You\'re ready to roll ...