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Is Freelancing a Term or a Skill?

I have been a Software Developer who have worked for various types of companies before. For seven (7) years or so, I have been employed to five (5) different companies. Being an employee makes you feel safe from not getting paid. In fact, you can just sit all day or waste some time and still entitled to receive a salary by each month in a year.But depending on the nature of the company, or your role on either in a team, or as an individual coder, your growth can be at risk. There will be times that you get stuck on doing same routine, same task, or same project over and over again. It will bore you and will eventually make you lazy and become unproductive.We don't have room for these things. A Software Developer such as myself is always exploring and always focusing on growing and improving his skills.I tried looking for other companies and unfortunately my asking price was always the problem while I heard that Freelancers are paid well.THE DANGERSo I decided to try about freelancing. I heard about freelancing even when I was still a newbie employee. And for me, the idea was like really scary and even more risky. Should I really want to try it? Wait a minute, am I already losing my mind? Is sitting all day with the thought of "getting paid anyway" contributed to this insanity?There's no way that I will become a Freelancer, I always thought that this is very dangerous specially that there are scams out there and they are from everywhere.How can I even get my own clients? Am I capable enough to have one?WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITYI want adventure, I love challenges, the idea of building "out of this world" applications to be used by people around the globe excites me.I have to go out from my own comfort zone, there's no limit to where the mind can go, so I have to push myself and learn more things and acquire more knowledge.I like to interact with the real world, I want to share my knowledge and want to offer my help to those who need my skills. They will be my client, and I have a responsibility to make, I have to become a Freelance Software Engineer.FREELANCING IS A SKILLAcquiring your first client is not easy. Luckily, for me I met one through referral. I have a friend who is a Software Developer and was already doing freelance services at that time. He introduced me to one of his colleagues and so we discussed about the project.But before that, I have to prove my worth, showed the client what can I do and samples of what I have done.More clients came after that and four (4) clients contacted me through social media, one (1) from FaceBook and (3) from LinkedIn.Working as freelance maximizes my time to focus on my goals. It as well allows me to work anywhere which gives me freedom to pick the place where I think I can be more productive and comfortable. Perhaps if I get bored at my home office then I can just go to a coffee shop nearby with my pocket WI-FI or portable internet.Freelancing is a skill, it will require you to plan ahead for the future. You may not receive a fixed salary by each month. But you can get clients and projects, from there you have to plan on how to do your tasks, when to finish them and by those deliverables determine when you get paid. You have to keep in mind how long can you get another project while you are working on the current one so you have enough money to spend while you're looking for another big opportunity.THE QUEST TO BECOME ONE OF THE BESTI have met different people from different countries while doing my freelancing career in Software Development. And I can say that I am happy to help them meet their needs and be a part of their success. I am proud that my skills are being valued by them. I will always be here to deal with their future needs.